Sunday, December 19, 2004

Training Days

You know that moment that you wait for all your life. That one time where you are at the bottom of the stairway or escalator and you look up. And their, before your very eyes, is a woman in a skirt. And nothing on underneath.

Maybe you don't have that dream, but I do. And when it finally happened, I was reminded to be careful for what I wish for. My 2 year old daughter in the middle of toilet training was not what I had in mind when I the dream.

Yes, it is that time again. Time to get off the diapers. Time to get into underwear. And of course, time to fight with kids about pishes and stinkies and where they go and hope they don't pee on the carpet.

I don't know if it is easier with boys or girls. My boys trained quite easily. At least I think they did. I was working 14 hour days when they were trained. Now with my daughter, I am home much more often, and it seems like it is a fight that never ends, and almost not even worth it.

My wife and I both know that when she starts high school, she won't be wearing a diaper. Hell, she will probably be done with them soon. But a diaper is both a crutch and an inconvenient expense. When we are in the car, or at a store, we are grateful for the diaper that hugs her tush and keeps the mess in. When we run out of yet another box of diapers, we are frustrated that we need to go buy another box of the damn diapers that all she is going to do is pee and crap all over.

So we try to train her. Sometimes she wants to be trained and runs to the toilet, but most of the time she would just rather pee on the floor.


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