Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Surpise Surprise

Someone read my Blog. Not just P-Dudi, who convinced (read - begged) me to put up this blog. Not just my wife, scratch that, she hasn't read this yet. I think she is afraid about what might find its way here.

An actual person surfing the web somehow ended up on my blog and posted a comment. And that blows my mind. It's one thing that people read my Air Time newsletter. It's sent out to people I know who want to read about people they know. I keep them laughing and reading, and they keep asking for more issues.

But now a total stranger read something, and posted.

I am still not sold on this blogging. The posts aren't coming out the way I would like them to, and it is going to take a bit more writing to get used to the medium. Although the blog is only four posts old, I have already considered getting rid of it.

Still, I got a reader.

So maybe I'll go on for a few more days. Test this out some more and see how it works for me.