Monday, December 17, 2007

Why Are All My Posts About Bathroom Themes?

I am going to turn off commenting for this one because of its sensitive nature.

My daughter was up for an hour in the middle of the night complaining of pain in her "privates," as she calls it. I called the doctor's office early this morning to see if there's a magic potion to alleviate this problem, so we can all get some sleep. When the secretary picked up, I realized I had no idea how to say the word in Hebrew. I hemmed and hawed and had no idea how to even describe it nicely. She said to come right in as, based on my obviously poor description, she thought it was appendicitis.

When it was our turn, I told my daughter to point to where it hurts. And then, embarassed, I laughed and said I had no idea how to say the word in Hebrew. He still thought it was her appendix and started poking around in her abdomen. I said, "No, not there..."

The secretary was in the room because she wanted to finally know what I was talking about. My little girl pointed to the painful spot.

"Ahhhhh, Ko'ev La BaPIPI!!"

Now is that the medical term?