Monday, January 31, 2005

Ephraim - 4 Daddy - 0

I was on the phone with a client this afternoon when my son's school clicked in. this is not an entirely unusual circumstance, as my wife teaches at the same school my kids attend, but I asked my client to hold on a moment, and took the call.

Wouldn't you know it. This time it was actually a school emergency. I told my client I'll talk to him later, and found myself driving to Akiva Hebrew Day School to pick up Ephraim.

Apparently, in a spirited game of chase the ball in the gym, he was pushed by the kid behind him, and went head first into the door. The opened the gash in his head. The gash led to his head being butterflied by the gym teacher, who told my wife that my son needed stitches, who them called me up to take him to the hospital.

Fortunately, before going to the hospital, we called his pediatrician, and it turns out that they stitch kids up right in the office. So instead of sitting in a hospital waiting room for hours on end, we sat at the doctor's office for ten minutes before they called us in.

The doctor was nice, the nurse did a good job, and Ephraim went through the procedure without crying once, and only needing to hold my hand one time. I don't know if this is exceptional self control or common practice. I've never had a single stitch.

By the time we were through, he had four stitches on his head, a partially shaved head, and promises of toys and treats for good behavior.


Blogger 2R said...

what! Zacks' don't get stitches!! What's wrong with butterflies?

February 01, 2005 5:10 PM  
Blogger rockofgalilee said...

A butterfly????
In my day we used regular band aids if they had them.

February 02, 2005 1:17 PM  
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