Thursday, July 21, 2005

Another Game, Another Loss

This time, we were playing for revenge. Against a team theat blew us out twice last season. That knocked us out of the playoffs. That quite frankly, has always seemed unbeatable.

The script was different. 45 minutes of hard fought hockey, but the result, another loss, was the same. And now, we find ourselves at 1-4 after last night's 6-5 loss. We thoguht we were wearing them down as we headed into the final period trailing 6-5. Shaya drilled one of the crossbar with less than two minutes to play, and I just missed on the outside with our goalie pulled and seven seconds remaining off a face off.

Another game against a team that dominated us last season that had to play hard every minute to win last night. And with Slack Jaws playing as well as they are, we are going to need a great second half of the season to make the playoffs.


Blogger Deece said...

No words about the heroic efforts of the goaltender?! Just kidding, that one was tough to take but I think we are close- one more piece like someone with a cannon from the point.

July 24, 2005 2:14 AM  

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