Thursday, September 15, 2005

Blog of the Single Dad

I am a single parent this week. Veev went to Israel on Tuesday and is coming home on Sunday. Unlike most of her trips, this time she left all three kids at home instead of taking them with her.

After school is simple for me. My mom picks the kids up from school, and watches them for the hour ande a half that it takes me to get there.

Bed time is not a big deal; I frequently put the kids to bed, and last night I made chicken for them that two of the kids actually ate. But mornings are tough. Really tough. There is too much to do and only one set of hands. Waking them up, getting them dressed, making them lunch and driving them to school amount to a lot of projects in a short 45-minute time span.

Mix in my own getting dressed and davening, and there are just not enough minutes to get it all done. But we keep trying, and there is only one more school morning before Veev gets home.

I am amazed by people who have to do that everyday. Most mornings Veev is in charge of waking the kids, getting them downstairs, and making lunch, while I give them breakfast and drive them to school.

We did talk to Veev this morning, or Mom, as she is better known in the house. She was sitting on the beach in Netanya, with my sister, my neices, and I presume, my sister-in-law, Golda. She was having a great time, and thoroughly maximizing her time in Israel.