Friday, October 07, 2005

Calling all Artscroll Machzor users

I need your help.

While davening on Rosh Hashana, we were saying the t'fillah that we say before Brich Shmei, which is right before torah reading. I think it starts off Ribbono Shel Olem, but I am not sure. Right before this t'filla we sing Hashem Hashem three times, and right after it we sing something else three times. SO I am going to assume you know which T'fillah I am talking about.

If you are using an Ashkenaz standard Rish Hashana machzor, both regular size and pocket size, if you look about halfway through the paragraph there are two lines that have a slightly smaller font, and then there is a small gap as well. It looks like the text is curved as well, but I have a feeling it is an optical illusion.

I am trying to figure out why the text is like that. I have a feeling that they made a mistake, and just printed up those two lines on a different piece of paper, and pasted it in to make the correction rather than actually correct the file. Remember, the first edition printed almost 20 years ago, and technology, especially for laying out a hebrew siddur, is nowhere near as advanced as it is today.

Our shul just bought all new Artscroll Machzorim, and so all the shul-supplied machzorim were printed recently, in the twentieth impression of the printing. Obviously, the mistake happened years ago. I went to people in shul who had their own Artscroll siddur, and went back as far as the ninth impression (I forget the year) and the smaller, curved text appears in that edition as well.

Does anyone have a really old siddur, or know what happened to those two lines?


Blogger Elder of Ziyon said...

Ashkenaz Artscroll from 1986 does not seem to have any smaller or curved text.

October 07, 2005 4:58 PM  
Blogger Air Time said...

Do you know if the text is correct? Can you compare it to a standard artscroll siddur, or a later edition of the machzor.

I am at work and don't have a siddur in front of me, or I would tell you which two lines are changed.

October 07, 2005 5:00 PM  
Blogger Elder of Ziyon said...

I can't even believe I spent the time before Shabbos for this!

I don't have another one handy but I'll look for one Shabbos. Have a good Shabbos!

October 07, 2005 5:10 PM  
Blogger Elder of Ziyon said...

I compared my 1986 machzor text with a 1999 Artscroll siddur, and saw no differences in the English translation.

October 09, 2005 1:20 AM  
Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

i have the First edition AS Ashk. RH machzor (1985) AND the first edition AS Ashk. siddur (1884).

Neither have this odd misprint. what is the page number you're looking at?

October 09, 2005 12:22 PM  
Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

ooops...not 1884, 1984.

October 09, 2005 12:23 PM  
Blogger Air Time said...

I checked and it is on page 392. I will try to scan it in later so you cansee what i am talking about.

EOZ - It happens on the hebrew side, not the english side, but thanks for checking.


October 09, 2005 12:28 PM  
Anonymous Heidi said...

very interesting. I have an ashkenaz machzor, and a sfard one. If i stare at the ashk. one then look at the sfard one I see the "optical illusion" until my eyes adjust to it, then it goes to normal.

Maybe someone put it in there to make sure people are paying attention. good eye.

October 09, 2005 1:58 PM  
Blogger Lish the Fish said...

I have the pocket size rosh hashana artscroll machzor that come in the set. I don't remember seeing this optical illusion-thing in mine last week, but when I get home tonight I will try to check it out in mine and in my husbands- the regular size blue machzor.

October 10, 2005 9:24 AM  
Blogger AMSHINOVER said...

im not sure which lines you mean, but there are many that do not say the whole text of the ribon prayer on RH as it refers to sins which is not appropriate for RH

October 10, 2005 11:08 AM  
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