Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ani Iparon for the last time

On fiction alley, a web site where people seem to write fiction, someone uses the phrase Ani Iparon.l At the end of the story, there is a glossary at the end of the story, and this is what it says.

Shalomet, Ani Iparon - Hello (using improper grammar) I am a pencil in transliterated Hebrew. No more explanation there, it's a personal joke.

The Purim issue of the Commentator, called the desecrator, used the phrase Ani Iparon without any context at all.


Blogger Veev said...

Daddy went to YU for a stint. Maybe it is YU lore.

February 28, 2006 9:14 AM  
Anonymous Max Power said...

While I am sure this is not how the urban legand got started, I do know if one ani iparon story. My friend was at a protest 11 years ago, when the cops came to break it up. Everyone took off, sadly for him, he was one of the slower people and one of the cops grabbed him. In his best American broken hebrew accent, he just kept screaming ani iparon, ani iparon, until the cop just gave up and let him go.

February 28, 2006 11:56 AM  

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