Thursday, April 05, 2007

The IBL Response

Ask and you shall receive. This was the answer I got from the IBL.

Fair question, but I have good answers. First of all, the broadcast is
going to be on-line from 8 pm EST onward till opening game, so no one will
miss anything. Click on it at any point and you will be able to watch the
whole thing. Second, we have to allow for the fact that the people who
are doing the work to get the draft on line are here in the States and it
would be very prohibitive to ship them all over there for the hour that
the draft will take place. Third, over half of the players live in the
U.S. and they are the ones really sitting on the edge of their seats.
Fourth, we have to admit to the fact that in this first year, we probably
will have more fans in the States than in Israel.

All that being said, know that our efforts to change this around is
receiving more attention than you probably realize. The goal, after all,
is to have this be an Israel baseball league. Our web site will be
available and updated in Hebrew shortly. We will be having nine Sunday
night games -- Opening Game, our All-Star Game, the Championship Game, and
six Games of the Week -- broadcast live in Hebrew on Arutz Sport tv. We
also are maintaining a presence on both and the web site of
Arutz Sport, both in Hebrew. And we will be setting up a baseball academy
in Israel to work with the best Israeli players so that each year more and
more players in the league will be native Israelis. Jerusalem wasn't
built in a day, but we are trying very hard.


Anonymous mort said...

I still want my Modi'in Miracle hat!

April 05, 2007 11:11 PM  

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