Thursday, June 05, 2008

Oh Cursed Watermelon!

Air and I have had a long, ugly relationship with watermelon. One summer Friday, when we were first married, we bought several bags worth of fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, we forgot and we left the watermelon in the trunk all Shabbos. By the time we got it out, the car stank. And it remained stinky until we sold it 3 years later.

Over the years, there have been other stories like this, but I will relate only two more.

Last Friday, I put a watermelon on the floor of the pantry since it was a hot day and there wasn't any room in the fridge. On Shabbos morning my daughter told me it was sticky on the floor of the pantry. The watermelon incurred a crack in it as I placed it on the floor and spent the whole night leaking out and all over the floor. Yuck! After Shabbos, it fell out of the garbage bag and made a huge mess on the kitchen floor.

Today I tried again and bought another watermelon. As I set it down on the ground with the other bags so I could shut the car door, it rolled out of the bag. And down the street. Down. The. Street. We live on a hill. I was quite a sight chasing the watermelon down the hill and stopping traffic. I did get it in the end, and lugged it up the hill again.

There don't seem to be any visable bruises, but I'm not sure whether it's going to make it to Shabbos.

*Update* The watermelon was cracked as evidenced by the puddle in the bag. And Air cut it up pre-Shabbos.


Blogger Air Time said...


June 05, 2008 8:50 AM  
Blogger sabarich said...

Did you get it on camera? We'd all like to see the chase!

The Shver

June 05, 2008 1:05 PM  
Blogger Mordechai Cohen said...

I did not realize that watermelon was grown in Israel or even imported there. Surely there are more Mideast-freindly melons available?

Of course, you needed the right dessert for your fried chicken adn roasted peanuts - how dumb of me.

June 06, 2008 12:06 AM  

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