Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Should we kill them? They're so pretty.

We spent this morning picking strawberries for Table to Table, an organization that provides food for the poor, before enjoying a picnic lunch and heading to the beach in Netanya. The water, which is normally rough, was as placid as I had ever seen it, and we were able to see the sea bottom clearly.

While we were disappointed at first that we wouldn't have the chance to jump in the waves and fight the surf, we soon found a bunch of interesting seashells, which we normally don't find out on the sand or at the edge of the water. The shells were very pretty, and we collected a few and brought them to Veev, who was enjoying the sun and watching our stuff.

There was only one problem with these beautiful shells - they were still occupied by their original inhabitant. We were still in the water when we realized that there was something in the shell, and my oldest questioned whether or not we should kill these sea creatures. I assured him that God had put them here for us to enjoy, and we should take them out of the water.

And so we did. We were able to see the tracks these animals had left on the bottom of the sea floor, and from the point when we knew they were alive, my oldest would only take the ones that were not moving very far; the ones who looked like they were working down their earned a reprieve.

We put them on the sand next to Veev, after one in her hand brushed her hand as it tried to move. I did not realize that these animals wouldn't die upon contact with the outside atmosphere. I called the boys out of the water, and we watched as these shells tried to scoot their way through the sand and back to the water.

We didn't have much time at the beach; only about 90 minutes, and by the time we were ready to go we had captured eight of these guys. My middlest, who at 8 is the fondest of all living creatures and the child most likely to be a conscientious objector to the practice of human's eating meat, took the two that were still alive and released them back into the water. My oldest was annoyed, because he had found the last two, and besides, as he pointed out, they are probably going to get picked up by someone else anyway, so why shouldn't we keep them.

But as far as i know, those two are safe in their watery atmosphere, while six are dead downstairs. Now we just need to clean them out, and we will have some really nice sea shells.


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