Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Double Header Duty

Tonight we play two games. The first is against Crest, the best team in the league, a team that hasn't lost a game in a few years. The second is against Slackjaws, a team that we played great against, have beat before, and last time we played them we had three people missing (and only one person on the bench), including our top scorer and ended up losing by one.

If we go all out and kill ourselves against Crest, odds are that we will not only lose but wear ourselves out before the SlackJaws game. Adding to it, Slackjaws are more vulnerable this time around, as they will be missing two of their better players, including their top defenseman. And we will be missing one of our top scorers for both games.

And the bottom line is, neither game really matters for our playoff chances. Our playoff chances will rest on next weeks game against Outsiderz, a team we are just about tied with but will probably have a tie breaker advantage when we play them next week.