Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Dinner

We went to Machon L'Torah's dinner last night. The speeches were a bit long, but Rabbi J had a really good speech, and the video presentation was good, although to long.

I was not sure if this was going to be a mixed or separate seated affair, and when I saw we had separate place cards, I feared the worst. But there was no reason to be concerned. While our place cards were separate, they had the same table number on them.

We were two of the first people in the banquet hall, after eating the hors d'ouvres. Each table had a different cake on it. There were Pecan Pies, Seven Layer Cakes, Chocolate Cream Pies, and other assorted desserts. Our table had some unidentifiable pink cake. And being we were among the only people in the room, I switched it for a Pecan Pie.

The Pecan Pie was fabulous.

We had a funny conversation with some people at the table who we were introduced to, because we have the same names as another couple who was sitting at the table. But even though it was definitely blog-worthy, it is too hard to capture, so you missed it.