Monday, January 09, 2006

Not as outraged

But I am disappointed with the Tigers. Pitchers and Catchers should be reporting in February, and not a single mention of their reporting date on their web site.

But that isn't really the disturbing thing. The Tigers haven't had a competitive team in well over ten years, and as a penalty for their lack of competitiveness, have not been able to gouge the fans at the gate with obscenely high ticket prices.

This spring, though, because they only have a few games that are worth attending, they are charging a $2 premium on tickets when the Braves and Yankees come to Joker Marchant Stadium, the Tigers Lakeland facility.

Excuse me, but when did being a sucky team give you the right to charge more because a decent team is finally coming to your building. And what gives you the right to charge extra to see the Yankees or Braves. If the team wants to charge more, they need to put a better team on the field, not rely on George Steinbrenner or Turner Broadcasting to put a good team on the field and then gouge Tiger customers.


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