Friday, September 22, 2006

Shana Tova

We always go to Yerushalayim with the best of intentions. Go to the Kotel, hang out with God for a twenty minutes or so, and then move on to lunch. And every time we go to Yerushalayim, we get to the city later than we planned, and decide to have lunch before going to the wall.

And invariably, we think about how we are already parked, and a taxi is too expensive for a trip to the wall, and then we get some popcorn, walk around a bit, and head back to Modi'in.

So today we decided to go to the Kotel, do a little davening, and meet iup with my cousin who is some girl's seminary for lunch.

We had some errands to run first, and by the time we got to Yerushalayim it was already after 11, and we were hungry. Oh, and I had an email I needed to send out ASAP, so I walked to town with my laptop to find some wireless Internet, while Veev walked into Geula, because that was the only place my cousin's school would let her eat out.

After we finished lunch, the taxi drivers we talked to said it would be 40 shekels to go to the Kotel, and if we wanted to come back to our car, it would be another 40 shekels. We could have just driven there and tried to park for 80 shekels, but instead we decided to head back home.

Oh. And , we have no Burekas for the Chag.


Anonymous The Shver said...


Singular = Burekas!
Plural Burekasim!

September 22, 2006 10:12 AM  
Blogger Emah S said...

But if they have none, that's zero, not plural, so maybe burekas is OK.


September 24, 2006 1:46 PM  

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