Friday, September 16, 2005

Center of it All update

OK, for those of you waiting for the Center of It All to continue, I am really sorry it has taken so long to add an update.

Here is the problem. I think this is fairly common among writers. We are extremely self critical. We hate our work. We have no self confidence. We always know it can be better, and when you say something is great, that makes it worse, because A) We know it can be better and B) If that part was great, the next part is never going to reach that level, so the next part will definitely fail.

It sounds ridiculous, but thats the truth. So when someone commented that the last part I posted was great, every time I try to continue, I measure up to that standard.

That combined with a ton of work coming in over the past three weeks has kept me off the story.

But fear not.

Next week is looking more open. And I will put the mental crap behind me and just continue the story.