Sunday, August 06, 2006

Almost connected

We finally have Internet access at our house in Modiin, but we have not been able to set it free with our wireless router, or use our Vonage phone just yet, but we are working on getting that fixed. And when that happens, I'll probably start blogging on a more regular basis.

So far we have found Modiin to be a very friendly, very nice community. We have been invited out to meals, and had dinners and lunches brought to our house. The community it our age, and our kids have been able to find friends in the neighborhood. They are definitely adjusting well.

Its funny to say this, but one of the first things that I have missed about Detroit was Tisha Ba'av.

Not the fast part. Here, the fast ended at about 8. In Detroit, it wouyld typically end on the other side of 9:30.

But every year on Tisha Ba'av, there was this routine that we got into at shul. My friends and I would show up for davening, and sit next to the wall in our section. Except for one friend, who would always show up late, and then have to squeeze in to fit.

And after davening, after not trying to be happy, we would end up talking about the Tigers, or the Lions training camp, or anything that was going on in the shul.

I missed that this year.

One of my other favorite things in Detroit was going to a Sholom Zachor. Since most of our friends have slowed down or stopped procreating, there was not very many opportunities to go to a sholom zachor. When it did happen, we would walk to YudiJays (or is that Dr YudiJay now) for a pre sholom zachor hour of drinking and shmoozing, before heading over to wish Mazel Tov to the family. And last Shabbat there was a Sholom Zachor that I missed out on.

There was a Sholom Zachor here that I went to, but it wasn't the same. It was similar, there was plenty of beer and wild turkey and chili, but obviously, the people were different, and there was no pre-sholom zachor.

I guess I am just missing my friends from home.


Blogger Noahdaddy said...

In light of the location of the Shalom Zachor, I tend to think that there wouldn't have been a Pre-Shalom Zachoer anyways. That would have been a little bit out of our way.

August 07, 2006 3:05 PM  

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