Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bare Wrists

I don't have a bracelet on my wrists. Not orange. Or yellow. Or green or blue. You can't tell any of my political beliefs by looking at my arms (My hand has a hand drawn heart with an arrow on it that Veev drew last night, though).

And I am feeling a little left out of the bracelet politcal message fad.

Yesterday, I found a bracelet that had a message I could believe in. It is multi-colored, and has one word on it.


Available at 7-11 for 2.99.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you want a bracelet that doesn't give away your political beliefs,why not get a simple "live strong" or the like?Nobody judges you if you wear one of those.

August 04, 2005 5:36 PM  
Blogger AMSHINOVER said...

i wear an anklette for kush katif

,and high heels and fish net stockings

August 04, 2005 6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't u ask your sister to make you a nice friendship bracelet?:)

August 04, 2005 6:49 PM  
Blogger Air Time said...

anon 1 - live strong is all about cancer research. Nothing against people with cancer, but i dont want to wear a cancer bracelet.

Anon 2 - I don't think she will be making me any bracelets for a long long time

August 04, 2005 6:58 PM  
Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

You can wear a Joey bracelet. It has affirmations such as, "I'm a good quarterback" and "so I like champagne and cavier, what's wrong with that?"

When it comes to my wrists, I'm proud to be nude

August 04, 2005 7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon2 speaking,er,typing.Well can she make one for me then?;)

August 04, 2005 10:29 PM  
Blogger ClooJew said...

Don't let yourself be handcuffed by societal expectations!

August 04, 2005 11:01 PM  
Blogger da shevster said...

first of all, omg r thererly slurpee bracelets!! i want one!!! second of all, if ur still tlkin abt my social life, u have no life and u shud go fnd s/o else 2 make u a bracelet. the end :)

and also, 2 many bracelets r just tacky...i have friends that have them all the way up their arms and it just looks stupid- one or 2, even 3 the most is good...

August 05, 2005 6:45 AM  
Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

What about the Wings' red Believe bracelet?
In any case, I think Slurpee is a great political belief. Go for it!!

August 05, 2005 7:12 AM  
Blogger Air Time said...

The believe bracelet is no good. That one supports people with crippling injuries

August 05, 2005 9:17 AM  
Blogger Gebrec said...

tell me that you didn't get Veev a slurpee bracelet for her b-day?!?!?!?

August 05, 2005 9:26 AM  
Blogger Air Time said...

The girl likes jewelry. Is there a better way to say I love you that a multicolored slurpee bracelet?

August 05, 2005 9:30 AM  
Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

"Nobody judges you if you wear one of those."

you mean being a band-wagon grabbing, mindless following ass-humper isn't a judgemental statement? just wonderin'

August 05, 2005 9:34 AM  
Blogger Still Wonderin' said...

"...omg r thererly slurpee bracelets!! i want one!!! second of all, if ur still tlkin abt my..."


August 05, 2005 9:36 AM  
Blogger Air Time said...

I tried to get her to stop reading. I don't know why kids her age refuse to spell things correctly.

August 05, 2005 9:49 AM  
Blogger Veev said...

I do. It's because of the instant messaging and text messageing. They have no time. It's unbelieveable. They even write that way when they are (albeit, rarely) handwriting a letter. I have read articles written by high school teachers who get this kind of shorthand on essay questions and term papers. Disgraceful!

August 05, 2005 12:33 PM  
Blogger rockofgalilee said...

yellow live strong means you are against cancer. That's a pretty strong stance to take.

August 08, 2005 5:52 AM  
Blogger da shevster said...

rock- have u ever met a/o whos FOR cancer?

August 08, 2005 6:53 AM  

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